Caring for your Horse

Whether you are an experienced horse owner, or just starting out on your exciting and rewarding relationship with your horse, we can all learn about horse care.

One of the primary ways to look after your horse is through finding the right insurance partner. We here at really care about horses and their wellbeing. We are all horse owners ourselves and so understand that even with the best care, horses can still have accidents and require emergency treatment.

If you have any comments about our horse insurance or any of our other insurance products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Horse Care Hints and Tips

Below are a few hints and tips we hope you will find useful for providing an enjoyable environment for your horse or pony. The list is not extensive but we hope to give you a good outline of the basics:

  • Regularly clean the horses stable, replace bedding and provide fresh water
  • A nutritional, well balanced diet is key to a horses happiness and welfare
  • Regular exercise – horses and ponies don’t like to be cooped up for long periods
  • Well maintained, clean and correctly fitting bridle ware is very important
  • Horses have a special bond with humans and love interaction and stimulation
  • Keep your horse healthy with vetinary check ups
  • Ensure horse shoes are well maintained